About The MW Clinic London



  • Welcome to The MW Clinic London - we are delighted to see you here!
  • Our vision is ..................................
  • <<private clinic addressing hair, skin, aesthetic and hormone concerns for busy men and women was conceived after informally discussing a specific case. We realised by utilising our joint expertise in such cases, with clinical overlap in dermatology,  trichology and aesthetics, our patients would benefit significantly.>>
  • We identified this common overlap across hair, skin, aesthetic and hormonal concerns. By collaborating we aim to deliver a more comprehensive, more accessible and safe service across our particular areas of expertise for our patients.
  • Despite the aesthetics historically targeting women the MW in our name represents our commitment to providing all our services to both Men and Women.

Who We Are

  • We are two highly accomplished consultant doctors, with more than four decades of NHS experience between us. We have a shared passion for excellence, innovation and collaboration. Recognising the common overlap of conditions affecting hair, skin, aging and hormone imbalance we teamed up with other colleagues to build the MW Clinic London.

Our Vision

  • Our vision was to create a unique multi-disciplinary clinic that offers comprehensive services for hair, skin and aging concerns for both men and women. We have leveraged the latest advanced technology of the Sciton BBL and collaborated with expert colleagues to manage common hormonal imbalances such as menopause and andropause.


  • Highly personlaised ....At The MW Clinic London, we are committed to delivering outstanding service and results, in a welcoming and friendly environment. Our approach is based on a deep understanding of the complex and interconnected nature of hair, skin, aging and hormonal health. We work together as a team, using the latest technology and techniques, to provide our patients with the best possible outcomes.

About The MW Clinic London Miss Meg Minasian and Dr Sharon Wong


    Medical Consultations

    • Before we consider potential treatments for any client we will always undertake a personal, private medical consultation. This is necessary to help our doctors understand your full medical historyt and understand any potential risks .
    • Some of the treatments we offer, such as injections of botulinum toxin, are only available via prescription, so for these it is actually a mandatory requirement for a consultation to be first undertaken with a doctor.   

    Face Concerns or Conditions

    • The skin is the largest organ of the body, and it plays a vital role in protecting us from the environment. As we age, our skin undergoes a variety of changes, including fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots. At The MW Clinic London, we offer a range of treatments to help our patients achieve healthy, radiant skin.
    • Dermatological concerns such as acne, rosacea and eczema can be distressing for those who suffer from them. At The MW Clinic London, we offer a range of treatments to help manage these conditions. Our expert colleagues work together to provide a comprehensive, holistic approach to skin health.

    Eyes Concerns or Conditions

    • Aesthetic concerns are extremely common among both men and women of all ages, with a growing number seeking out treatments and procedures to enhance their physical appearance and address issues such as wrinkles, fine lines and sun damage.
    • We offer a range of treatments, including the very latest energy-based treatments using Sciton BBL phototherapy, botulinum toxin, skin boosters, hyaluronic acid dermal fillers, as well as surgical procedures such as upper lid blepharoplasty. Our approach is evidence-based and personalised. We always work with our patients in developing a bespoke treatment plan to achieve a natural, refreshed look.

    Body Concerns

    • Some particularly difficult to treat or refractory dry eye conditions and ocular rosacea, as well as more concerns such as blepharitis and chalazion can be also be treated at the MW Clinic London.

    • For more information on a personal consultation with our expert ophthalmic surgeon and aesthetic doctor, Dr Meg Minasian, please click here
    • Or to contact us to understand who you should discuss your concerns with please contact us here or book a consultation online here.