Facial volume loss at The MW Clinic London
  • Facial volume loss is a natural part of the aging process that can lead to a sunken or hollow appearance in the face. It can also be caused by illness and certain medications.
  • Volume loss is due to a variety of factors, including loss of fat and collagen in the skin, bone resorption, and changes in facial muscle tone. At The MW Clinic London, our experienced ophthalmologist and aesthetic doctor, Dr Meg Minasian, offers a range of treatments to address facial volume loss concerns.
  • One of the most effective treatments for facial volume loss are dermal fillers. Dermal fillers are injectable gels that are used to plump and smooth the skin. When injected into areas of the face that have lost volume, such as the cheeks, temples, and jawline, dermal fillers can help restore a more youthful appearance.
  • At The MW Clinic London, Dr Meg Minasian uses a range of dermal fillers to address facial volume loss concerns, including hyaluronic acid fillers and collagen-stimulating fillers. During your consultation, she will evaluate your skin and recommend the best filler option for your specific needs and goals.
  • However, by also combining the prior use of skin boosters, to optimise skin hydration and quality, as well as Sciton BBL phototherapy, the overlying skin can be significantly rejuvenated. This means more limited volumes of dermal filler will be required to achieve a  beautiful natural result. 
  • At The MW Clinic London, we understand that facial volume loss can be a source of self-consciousness and discomfort for many people. That's why we take a personalised approach to each patient's treatment, tailoring our recommendations to their specific needs and concerns.
  • To book a consultation with Dr Meg Minasian please contact us here or book online here.