Marionette lines at The MW Clinic London
      • Marionette lines, also known as "puppet lines" are creases or wrinkles that form on the sides of the mouth and extend downward to the chin. These lines can give the appearance of a downturned or sad expression, similar to the mouth of a marionette puppet, which is how they got their name.
      • By contrast a nasolabial fold is a line that runs from the corner of the nose to the corner of the mouth. 
      • Marionette lines typically become more noticeable as a person ages due to a combination of factors, including natural collagen and elastin loss, decreased skin elasticity, and repeated facial movements over time. These lines can be bothersome for some individuals and may contribute to an aged or tired appearance.
      • At The MW Clinic London, we offer a range of effective treatments, including botulinum toxin injections, hyaluronic acid-based skin boosters, polynucleotides, and Sciton BBL phototherapy treatments, to address these lines.
      • Dr Meg Minasian, our expert ophthalmic surgeon and aesthetic doctor, provides personalised treatment plans to meet each client's individual needs, and our team is dedicated to delivering the highest level of care and attention to our clients.
      • Botulinum toxin injections are an incredibly popular and highly effective treatment for reducing the appearance of marionette lines. This treatment works by blocking nerve signals that cause muscle contractions, which results in a reduction of wrinkles and fine lines. The results of botulinum toxin injections typically last 3-4 months, and it is a safe and effective treatment option that can be repeated regularly over many years.
      • Hyaluronic acid-based skin boosters and polynucleotides are additional and effective treatments particularly when used in combination with botulinum toxin injections. Together they help restore and rejuvenate this area.
      • Sciton BBL phototherapy is also a highly effective, non-invasive treatment using advanced light technology. Broadband light, in particular deeper infra-red wavelengths stimulate collagen and elastin production lifting and rejuvenating this area with zero downtime. 
      • At The MW Clinic London, our focus is on delivering the highest level of care and attention to our clients. Dr Meg Minasian is an expert in ophthalmic surgery and aesthetic medicine, and provides safe and effective treatment options for marionette lines. She is committed to providing personalised treatment plans to meet each client's individual needs.
      • To book a consultation with Dr Meg Minasian please contact us here or book online here.

Please find below many of the most common other questions about Marionette Lines asked by our clients, and answered by our expert aesthetic doctor, Dr Meg Minasian

How do I get rid of marionette lines?

        Various treatments, including botulinum toxin, can help reduce the appearance of marionette lines.

Does Botox work on marionette lines?

        Yes, botulinum toxin can be highly effective in the treatment and prevention of marionette lines.

Can filler fix marionette lines?

        Dermal fillers are commonly used to address and fill in marionette lines.

    Does hyaluronic acid help with marionette lines?

          Hyaluronic acid-based skin boosters can also be effective in reducing the appearance of marionette lines by restoring hydration and strength to the skin.

    Is Botox or filler better for marionette lines?

          This will depend on the individual morphology and global skin and underlying structural health and integrity.

    How painful is filler in marionette lines?

          Discomfort during a dermal filler procedure for marionette lines is typically mild and can be managed with topical numbing agents or local anesthesia.

    What is the best treatment for marionette lines?

          The best treatment for marionette lines may vary depending on individual factors and preferences. Dermal fillers are a common choice for addressing these lines.

    How long does it take for marionette fillers to settle?

          Marionette line fillers may take a few days to a couple of weeks to fully settle and show their final results.

    What are the side effects of marionette line fillers?

          Common side effects of marionette line fillers can include temporary swelling, bruising, and redness at the injection site. These effects typically resolve within a short time. Rare side effects include localised vascular occlusion or even blindness or stroke.

    How do you fix marionette lines without surgery?

          Non-surgical options for addressing marionette lines include: botulinum toxin, Sciton BBL, polynucleotides, skin boosters and dermal fillers. 

      How do I get rid of marionette lines?

            To address marionette lines, consider non-surgical options like botulinum toxin or dermal fillers, which can help improve their appearance.

      How much does it cost to fix marionette lines?

          The cost of addressing marionette lines with dermal fillers can vary based on the location, the type of filler used, and the extent of treatment. Botulinum toxin injections start at £295 for one area.