Men at The MW Clinic London
  • If you are a man considering aesthetic treatments for the first time, Dr Meg Minasian is the doctor for you. Founder of The MW Clinic London, she is passionate about putting people at their ease, particularly when they are unsure or apprehensive.
  • Dr Meg Minasian understands many of her male patients have put off  treatments for a variety of reasons. This is often because of concerns that it might cause an unwanted or noticeable change in appearance. However, since her signature approach is to achieve natural results, her male patients are confident of a positive outcome and are grateful ambassadors.
  • One of the most common concerns for first-time patients is the use of needles. They worry that the treatment will be painful or that it will be uncomfortable. However, Dr Meg Minasian is well-known for her gentle touch and steady hand, which allows her to administer injections swiftly and with minimal discomfort.
  • In addition, Dr Meg Minasian makes liberal use of anaesthetic cream to help numb the area and adjusts dosage in order to reduce any potential pain. 
  • Another common concern for first-time patients is related to the toxin itself. Dr Meg Minasian takes the time to share relevant information with her patients, explaining the benefits and potential risks of the treatment in a clear and concise way. You can feel confident in your decision to undergo the treatment under the care of Dr Meg Minasian.
  • The MW Clinic is designed to create a relaxing environment, where clients find Dr Meg Minasian's approach instills confidence. 
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