Follow-Up Consulation with Dr Meg Minasian
  • After an initial treatment Dr Meg Minasian recommends a follow-up consultation where she can assess and judge progress against her expectations. 
  • For some treatments, such as some botulinum toxin injections, a follow-up discussion and potential top-up will be included in the cost of the initial treatment.  For others a follow-up consultation fee will be charged.  Details of these fees can be found on our Pricing page.
  • In the follow-up consultation Dr Meg Minasian will discuss with the patient whether the details and/or the timings of the initially agreed treatment plan need to be amended.
  • This will be a joint discussion where the client will once again have the opportunity to ask any questions.
  • This follow-up personal consultation is expected to last up to 30 minutes, and each client will subsequently receive a written summary of the discussion, along with any conclusions.