A new toxin on the block....

I'm really looking forward to using Daxxify, a novel formulation of botulinum toxin A, launching in the US this month. The most striking difference between Daxxify and other currently available neuromodulators, is its long-lasting results - potentially 2-3 times the typical duration of those in widespread use.

This is a major advantage for specific areas of treatment such as underarms and jawline definition or for bruxism, where larger amounts of toxin are required.
Interestingly, the toxin has been coated with a synthetic peptide which acts to stabilize it in vivo. Current formulations of toxin rely on human albumin for product stability. Daxxify is therefore a vegan toxin product.

The Daxxify synthetic peptide coating is also what helps it bind faster (and stick around longer) to your nerve receptor, which is why Daxxify works more rapidly and has an extended duration of action, up to 9 months in clinical trials.

Like Xeomin, Daxxify can be considered a ‘pure’ toxin, since the lack of any additional stabilising protein also negates the potential issue of developing antibody resistance to the toxin, rendering future injections ineffective. An important consideration or potentially negative aspect of a longer-acting neuromodulator, would be any unwanted effects. Choosing your ‘toxin doctor’ would be even more crucial.


    To access the relevant article from the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery please click here.