Elle Magazine - 10 Best Hair Growth Serums To Revive Damaged Strands

Dr Sharon Wong, our very own consultant dermatologist and trichologist, was quoted recently in an article in Elle about the best hair serums available.

"Unfortunately, encouraging hair growth is no mean feat, but there are some ‘dos and do nots’ to consider. Dr Sharon Wong, Consultant Dermatologist and Hair Specialist, explains: 'Healthy hair growth requires good nutritional support from the inside. Our follicles are highly metabolic mini organs that use up a lot of energy.

‘Maintaining a well-balanced diet, including the full spectrum of macro and micronutrients, is the best and most sustainable way of supporting healthy hair growth (and a healthy body in general). It's also worth noting that taking supplements in the absence of a deficiency does not promote hair growth.’ "

Click here to read the full article from 7th July 2022.