Air drying your hair - Glamour

The MW Clinic London's expert consultant dermatologist and hair specialist, Dr Sharon Wong, was quoted recently in this article in Glamour magazine on drying your hair:

"How air drying your hair could actually be causing more damage
Mind blown.
By Lottie Winter

We all know that air drying our hair is the healthiest thing to do to avoid damage from heat tools as well as colour fade, right? Well, according to experts, that's not necessarily the case. It turns out, leaving your hair to dry naturally could actually be causing more harm than good.

As someone who washes their hair in the evening, this often means I'll go to bed when it's still a little damp and by morning, I'm good to go. I've always thought this was a genius time-saving hack as well as the best thing for my hair. However, leaving hair wet for extended periods of time or sleeping on damp hair could be causing something known as hygral fatigue. "

Click here to read the full article from 10th February 2022.